8 Reasons to Visit Nashville

You can sample down-home cooking.

Make sure at least one meal in Nashville includes slow-cooked BBQ. A favorite local joint is Jack's Bar-B-Que: It's cheap, quick, and delicious (jacksbarbque.com). Your kids will probably like the food -- and the fun -- at The Pfunky Griddle the best, though (thepfunkygriddle.com). The house specialty here is DIY pancakes: Each table comes with its own griddle, and you choose between white or multigrain batters and a slew of add-ins. If you still have room for dessert, head over to Gigi's Cupcakes (gigiscupcakesusa.com), which is just blocks from the Historic RCA Studio B, where Elvis Presley recorded lots of his hit songs. Gigi's has about 36 different varieties of cupcakes made on a rotating basis, like the Hunka Chunka Banana Love (banana-nut cake full of chocolate chunks and topped with chocolate ganache frosting).

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