The Best Family-Friendly Hotels in America



Upscale Hyatt, with 104 properties nationwide, is a full-service hotel for all kinds of travelers, from conventioneers to families.

Pluses for Parents

Hyatts are loaded with such relaxing amenities as pools, health clubs, spas, shops, and restaurants.

Lures for Little Ones

The award-winning Camp Hyatt provides computer games, treasure hunts, swimming, and art workshops.

Noteworthy Properties

Hyatt Regency Beaver Creek, Colorado

This opulent, lodgelike hotel is perched at 8,000 feet amid the majestic Rocky Mountains. The area is famous for a kids' ski school, the summer camping-in-a-tepee program, and a children's theater. Prices start at $275 per room per night through early September.

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale, at Gainey Ranch, Arizona

"The lobby had southwestern furnishings, potted cacti, and Native American art," says Bev Portley. At Camp Hyatt Kachina, her daughter visited the Hopi Learning Center, where she learned Native American arts, language, and dance. And if that's not enough for the little ones, the resort's waterways sport authentic Venetian gondolas, driven by opera-singing oarsmen. Prices start at $145 per room per night through early September.

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