12 Strategies For Stress-Free Air Travel With Children

Experienced flight attendants share their secrets for young, flying families
traveling with kids

My friend Pam, a super-organized operations director and mom of three, is one cool customer. She's calm, composed, and doesn't rattle easily--except when it comes to flying. Her boys suffer from extreme sensitivity to air pressure and at times fellow passengers have been less than sympathetic.

"On one flight, Aidan was emitting these nonstop piercing screams, and a woman stood up and hollered that someone needed to shut him up since he was disturbing the whole plane," Pam recalls. "On another flight, a man started in immediately when my kids started crying -- but this time, a flight attendant came over immediately and told us to let her know if the man was bothering us. She could see we were doing our best."

Flight attendants have seen it all when it comes to families in flight, and with the busy holiday travel season upon us, who better to turn to for advice? Here are a dozen, stress-reducing strategies for flying with kids, all from flight attendants (all preferred to be anonymous for our story), several of whom are mothers as well.

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