Family Camping: Tips to Make Tenting Fun

Get Your Game On

Try these boredom busters if the little rangers begin to get restless.

Sky's the Limit
Just look up for easy entertainment. By day, search for hippopotamuses and floating castles in the clouds; at night, connect the dots to see what's hidden among the stars.

Scout's Honor
Hand kids a list of objects (yellow leaf, shiny pebble, fuzzy moss) to look for around the campsite or while hiking, suggests Lisa Hanson, coauthor of The Siblings Busy Book. Give them bags to stash their treasures in. For younger kids, cut out pictures ahead of time so they can match up a picture of a rock, say, with an actual one.

Pebble Pets
Gather pebbles (or shells) with your child and decorate them with markers to resemble wild creatures.

Center Stage
Use a flashlight as a spotlight on the tent's walls to give your hand a starring role. Make a bunny, a wolf, or a snake, and have your child concoct stories about its escapades.

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