45 Secrets for Fabulous Family Vacations

Here, insider tips and tricks to keeping your vacations 100% fun and relaxing.

45 Secrets for Fabulous Family Vacations

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No doubt because my wife, Sally, and I have spent years as professional travelers, one of the first things we asked our new pediatrician was when our 10-day-old daughter, Cleo, would be able to travel with us."When you're ready, she'll be ready," he answered.

A few weeks later, we flew with her to visit her grandparents in Arizona, and our pace hasn't slowed much since. In two years, Cleo's adventures have included every kind of travel from a New England road trip to a Mexican cruise. Along the way, two things in particular have amazed us: The first is how much joy you can get from peeking out a plane window with a toddler who claims to see people, dogs, and cats swimming in a silver ribbon of river 30,000 feet below. The second is how much there is to discover about traveling as a family. Here is the best of what we've learned so far.

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