Vacation Tips

Take along our good advice and ideas on your next trip. Try these vacation tips to help you plan your next trip, get the best deals, travel lighter, and keep the kids having fun.

5 Bucket-List Trips for Families

Hulas, glaciers, a certain amusement park. Parents readers told us the places you'd most like to take the family on vacation, and we're going to help you get there (on a budget!).

6 Tips to Make Baby's First Road Trip a Success

Get out there and enjoy the journey! Here's what I learned after my one-year-old twin babies' first major road trip.

Treasure Your Summer Vacation Memories

Make sweet, original vacation mementos with your kids.

Are We There Yet? 10 Travel Activities for Kids

Our readers' top 10 ideas for keeping things playful and stress-free on the road

19 Tips for Camping With Kids

Leave the screens behind and pitch a tent at your nearest campground for a nature-filled, home-away-from-home your kids won't forget.

45 Secrets for Fabulous Family Vacations

Here, insider tips and tricks to keeping your vacations 100% fun and relaxing.

8 Ways to Survive a Weekend at an Indoor Water Park

Don't let all that family-friendliness get in the way of having a serious grown-up good time on your next getaway.

What to Look for in a Family Volunteer Vacation

PBS travel expert and mom Colleen Kelly explores the world of voluntourism--and how to plan the right trip for your family.

8 Life-Saving Water Safety Rules Every Parent Needs to Know

More than 600 children drown every year. But you can help bring down this tragic number. We'll show you how to make nearly every body of water--from your bathtub to the beach--a whole lot safer for your family and friends.

5 Tips for Flying With Kids Over the Holidays

Heading to the airport with the kids this holiday? Avoid unnecessary turbulence with these smart strategies!

The 10 Best Beach Towns for Families

These destinations deliver all the ingredients for a magical stay with the kids: pristine ocean water, nature activities, and a boatload of inland fun.

How to Do Disney World in 24 Hours

I took my 3-year-old niece to see her favorite Disney princesses. We did it in one weekend!

Top 3 Things to Do in Charleston, South Carolina

Planning a trip to Charleston, South Carolina? Here are 3 family-friendly ways you can enjoy the Lowcountry.

Disney's Magic Kingdom: Beyond the Rides

Disney's Magic Kingdom can be an awe-inspiring experience for kids of all ages. Michael Kress, executive editor of, shares tips on how to enjoy the park without going on rides, from getting characters' autographs to watching the many parades and shows Disney World has to offer.

A Family Vacation Guide to Charleston, South Carolina

For the author's family, a visit to Charleston, South Carolina, brings history -- and appetites -- to life.

10 Common Travel Snags

Overcome some of the inevitable stresses of travel.

5 Vacation Destinations for Active Families

These vacation spots are tops for high-energy broods.

9 Great Travel Apps

Want an easy way to keep track of details, choose activities, or share photos on your next family trip? All that and more is just an app away with these cool tools, which turn your smartphone into the ultimate travel agent.

Family Camping: Tips to Make Tenting Fun

Tents are the new hotel room, and we're loving the trend. No flights, no car rentals, no hassles. Camping may be your easiest (and cheapest) family vacation ever.

3 Secrets to Happy Travels With Toddlers

Although travel can be tough with kids this age, you can minimize the hassles and maximize the fun with these tips.

5 Steps to Build an Epic Sand Castle

This summer, we're setting you and the kids up to be sandcastle masters. We grilled Lucinda "Sandy Feet" Wierenga, a professional sand sculptor in South Padre Island, TX, to give us the step-by-step for building an impressive structure.

Bucket-List Trips: The Details

Get all the details you'll need to plan a bucket-list trip with your family.

The Ultimate Vacation Planning Guide: Smart Tips for Surviving Travel Days

Your vacation is finally starting, and you want to get off on the right foot. Make your car ride or flight more of an adventure and less of a trek.

3 Secrets for a Fun Family Cruise with Kids of Different Ages

Here's how to balance family bonding with age-specific cruise activities on your next vacation.