Do Disney Your Way -- Part II

More great insider tips from Child readers.

Do Disney Your Way, pg. 1

The August issue of Child includes suggestions for making the most of a trip to Walt Disney World from readers who have vacationed at Disney with their families. Below, dozens more tips from our real-life experts.

Five Things You'll Be Glad You Brought to the Park

Stroller: Even if your children are 5 or 6 years old, bring or rent a stroller. You can cover much more territory and enjoy a longer day in the parks.

Walkie-talkies: If your kids are older or your group might want to split up and reconnect, you can rent pagers from Guest Services at the parks. Some readers bring along their own walkie-talkies (such as the Motorola TalkAbout, with a two-mile range).

Snacks: Bring your own water bottles (some parents freeze them the night before), juice boxes, fruit, and snacks so you can feed toddlers easily on the go. Though you're technically not allowed to picnic in the parks, it can be a lifesaver to have a fresh PB&J sandwich to eat on the go.

Rain gear: Pack lightweight jackets or ponchos (in summer, it usually rains briefly at least once a day), a sweatshirt or sweater for evening, and a change of clothes for kids who will likely get wet in fountains or rides or spill an entire ice cream cone down their front. Check it all in a locker near the park's entrance so you don't have to lug it around.

Sun gear: High-SPF sunscreen is a must year-round, as are extremely comfortable shoes and socks. (It doesn't hurt to bring along Band-Aids, moleskin, and antibiotic ointment for blister first aid.) Spray bottles of water or even personal fans will ease the heat of waiting in line in summer.

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