An Insider's Guide to Disney World

Buy an Autograph Book

(Or just bring your own from home.) Kids love getting the characters to sign them. Don't forget a pen -- the characters don't carry them.

Reserve a stroller for your entire visit. You get a discount this way and don't have to wait in line each morning if you show your stroller receipt. And do something to distinguish yours from all the other identical ones, like tie a ribbon on it.

Visit a baby-care center. It's a calm place to take your baby to change or nurse her or just to get her out of the sun. It also sells diapers, wipes, and baby food in case you run out. First Aid is next door, where you can get bandages, cold medicine, and other emergency supplies. The centers are at different spots in each park, so check the maps.

Make sure your child has your cell-phone number in his pocket or on a tag in the back of his shirt. When kids get lost in the parks, they're usually too scared to talk to security or just can't remember their info.

-- M. J. Jensen, souvenir-shop worker

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