8 Reasons to Choose SeaWorld

#6: Discovery Cove is right next door

SeaWorld's sister park brings a beach escape to landlocked Orlando. At this man-made tropical paradise, only 1,000 guests are allowed in each day to keep the low-key, relaxed vibe intact (so book ahead: discoverycove.com; 877-557-7404). Passes start at $269 per person, but it's an all-inclusive package with meals, snacks, drinks, equipment (snorkel gear, vests, and wet suits), and amazing activities, like the 30-minute swim with the dolphins. But if that's too steep, you can pay about $100 less by dropping the dolphin swim -- and you'll still enjoy all the other perks, like complimentary passes to SeaWorld, snorkeling with thousands of tropical fish and stinger-free rays, and feeding birds in the aviary.


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