8 Reasons to Choose SeaWorld

#5: You can get VIP access

SeaWorld has put together several super-cool behind-the-scenes tours for families looking for a more customized experience (800-327-2424). The big one is the seven-hour Adventure Express Tour, which moves your family to the front of the line at the rides, puts you in reserved seats at two shows, gives you a backstage meet-and-greet with a penguin, and more (prices range from an extra $95 for adults and $80 for kids on top of admission). For a smaller-and cheaper-sneak peek, you can visit the Dolphin Nursery to see the new calves or you can pet a small shark in a touch tank on the Predators Tour. If that's too scary for your child, he can hold a penguin on the Polar Expedition Tour or take a trip to see endangered manatees and sea turtles on the Saving a Species Tour (from $10 to $40). Make sure you reserve your spot before you go.

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