First Aid on Vacation

Don't Leave Home Without....

  • giving your trip itinerary and the phone number of where you'll be staying to someone you trust.
  • checking everyone's medical records to make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date. (It's also a good idea to bring along a mini medical summary of each child's shots, allergies, medications, and blood type).
  • getting refills of your prescriptions before you go and bringing along a copy of the signed prescription for contacts and eyeglasses from your eye doctor. Remember to pack copies of your family's medical and dental insurance forms.
  • packing a night-light, electrical outlet covers, and any other childproofing items for your hotel room.

  • making a plan with your children for what to do if they get lost. On arrival at theme parks and zoos, designate a specific meeting spot in case someone gets separated from the group.
  • taking some form of identification for each child that lists his name, address, any allergies he has, and the number of the person to call in an emergency. Order waterproof ID bracelets from Safety SportID; ID stickers worn inside a child's shoes are available at Kmart or through


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