First Aid on Vacation

On-the-Go First-Aid Kit

Whether you travel by car, plane, or boat, never leave home without a well-stocked first-aid kit. If you're driving, leave it under the front seat instead of in your glove compartment, which gets very warm and can damage medication. Your kit should include:

  • children's-strength acetaminophen
  • Band-Aids, gauze, and first-aid
  • tape
  • tweezers and scissors
  • antibiotic ointment, for cuts and scrapes
  • a topical antihistamine or anti-itch lotion, such as calamine
  • antacid
  • Pedialyte, for dehydration and diarrhea
  • antiseptic wipes
  • cold pack
  • thermometer
  • syrup of ipecac, to induce vomiting*

*In the event that your child swallows a poisonous substance, always call 911 or a poison control center before giving it to him.

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