Child Travel Safety Tips

At the Hotel

  • Look around your room. Scan the room for anything dangerous, such as sharp objects on the floor or a protruding piece of metal. Check the windows and shower doors to make sure they're securely in place. Also make sure the lights and locks work properly, and that there are no exposed electrical cords.
  • If you are traveling with a baby, ask about the hotel's crib safety. Find out if your hotel's cribs meet safety requirements set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Make sure that none of the crib's slats are loose, missing, or cracked, and take off any pillow, comforter, or soft bedding that sits in the crib.
  • Childproof your room. Make sure to bring along outlet covers, doorknob covers, toilet locks, and other childproof gear that you use in your home. Move glasses, ashtrays, matches, coffeemakers, and travel shampoos out of your child's reach.
  • Ask lots of questions about child care, if you plan to use it. Find out who will be watching your child, where they will be staying, and what activities are offered for children. Check out where your child may be eating or playing and make sure everything appears clean and well maintained.
  • Scour the playground for potential dangers. Search for sharp edges, protrusions, or openings that could trap a child's head or body. Look for missing or broken guardrails, warped or rusted components, and loose nuts or bolts.
  • Make sure that play areas are age-appropriate for your child. Children can be injured when playing on equipment that is not suitable for their age or size.
  • Don't let your child answer the door to your room. Instruct her to get an adult if someone knocks on the door, and to ignore the knocking if no adult is available.

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