Your Child's Packing Checklist

What needs to be in your child's suitcase.

The Basics

It can be a challenge to keep your child healthy and comfortable during the rigors of travel. While everyone needs to bring a toothbrush and an extra pair of shoes, children need some special items as well. Make sure that your suitcase is stocked with your child's vacation essentials by printing out this checklist.

____ Prescription medications and copies of the prescription

____ First-aid kit

____ Thermometer

____ Children's pain reliever

____ Antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes

____ Allergy relievers, if necessary

____ Motion sickness relievers

____ Night-lights

____ Pacifiers, candies, or chewing gum to ease air pressure

____ Plastic bags

____ Durable toys

____ Car seat

____ Stroller, framed backpack, or soft sling-type carrier

____ Stain remover

____ Baby wipes

____ Paper towels or napkins

____ Childproofing gear, such as outlet covers, doorknob covers, and toilet locks

____ Extra changes of clothing (for you and your child)

____ Backpack

____ Pediatrician's phone number

____ Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes

____ Bottled water

____ Security blanket or stuffed animal

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