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Breast Milk and Formula

Here's a quick look at the latest rules on formula, breast milk, and baby food.

Although previously allowed in carry-on luggage only in restricted amounts, quantity limits on breast milk and formula have been lifted. Here are the current rules:

  • Mothers flying with or without child can now take breast milk through security.
  • Security is encouraging parents only to bring as much formula and bottled breast milk as your child will need for the flight.
  • After you clear security, can you bring beverages and other items you've purchased in the secure boarding area on board the craft. (Which means if you've bought bottled water to mix with powdered formula, you can wait until you're on the plane to mix.)

If you are bringing milk/formula in containers larger than 3 ounces -- and since the smallest bottles we can think of carry 4 ounces, this will likely be the case -- the airlines ask that you:

  • Separate these items from all others.
  • Let the security officers know what you're bringing on when you get to the security checkpoint.
  • Present these items for additional inspection once reaching the x-ray machine as these items are subject to additional screening.

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