The Best Hotels for Families

Pre-Booking Pointers

If you're planning on taking a family vacation this summer, be sure to ask the following questions before you make reservations at a hotel or resort.

  • What's the cancellation policy? You may want to opt for a hotel that will at least allow you to re-schedule your stay without penalty in case your child gets sick at the last minute.
  • Can I sign up for the children's program now? You may want to make arrangements in advance so your child is guaranteed a spot.
  • Can you fax me a list of family-friendly activities in the area? That way you can determine if there's enough to keep your family happy. Another advantage: You can develop an itinerary and order tickets before you leave home.
  • Will you guarantee me a non-smoking room? Make sure that you let the reservation agent know that this is not a preference -- it's a necessity.
  • Can you arrange for a crib to be ready in the room when I arrive? Your baby may be ready for a nap when you get there --and you don't want to wait for one to be set up.

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