Mexico with Kids? Si!

Add some flavor to your family vacation this year with a trip south of the border.

Mexico Lindo


While on vacation in Mexico, my family has done everything from dancing at public fiestas and scaling Mayan pyramids to snorkeling around Technicolor reefs. And every minute of our adventure has been a blast. But what really keeps us coming back is the fact that the culture here really seems to cherish children.

A waiter in Playa del Carmen, for instance, let my son, who was 4 at the time, scribble on his order pad. Then there was the bartender at an Isla Mujeres beach bar who strung up a hammock for him to nap in. And I haven't even mentioned how the hotel clerks in every area of the country spoil him with candy at check-in.

Mexico's coastal hot spots offer sun and sand -- and something even better: genuine warmth. Check out one of these kid-friendly destinations for your family vacation.

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