Quit Your Job and Travel the World for a Year?

How to Make It Happen

What advice do you have for other families who want to do what you guys did?

Higham family at the Great Wall

Courtesy of the Higham family

John: You just have to make it happen.

September: There's no convenient time to take a year off. And there's just a small window when the kids are the right ages: old enough to understand the trip, but young enough so they're not yet in high school. And it doesn't have to be traveling around the world. You can drive cross-country or visit every national park.

And as far as finding the money to do it, would I recommend even taking out a second mortgage? In most cases, I'd say yes. You can save all your money for retirement and hope you have a grand time. But you'll never have that time with your kids again.

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For more information about family world travel, check out the Highams' travel website:

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