5 Toddler Travel Problems, Solved

Q. How can I help my toddler deal with jet lag?

A. "Kids this age adjust to a new time zone surprisingly well, if you help them transition gradually," says Dr. Coleman. For example, if you need to change his feeding schedule to sync up with lunch and dinner in the new area, try slowly pushing mealtime back 15 minutes the first day, 30 minutes the second day, and so on until you've reached your desired time.

Another big issue is sleep. If there's just a few hours' difference, try to arrive after dark, which will help you get your child to bed and offset the gap for him. For a bigger time change, take the last flight of the night. This way, he can sleep on the plane and won't be as disoriented when you land. Stick to his normal routine as much as possible, which he'll find reassuring in an unfamiliar place. If you usually bathe him and read to him before bed, do the same while on vacation. And pack things that will make him feel more at home, like his favorite blanket or cuddle toy.

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