The RV Diaries: An RV Family Road Trip

Home Stretch

Family visiting Mount Rushmore

Courtesy of Gretchen Breuner

The trip is now two years in my rearview, but it remains fresh in my mind. Sometimes, if we see an out-of-state plate at a Target parking lot, one of the kids will excitedly say, "Look, Mom, there's Indiana (or Kentucky, or Wyoming, or North Dakota)!" It's in these small moments that I recall how much I learned about our nation and my children's strengths. Sam, Lilly, and Jackson bonded in a way I didn't expect. Sibling rivalry took a backseat, as they fought much less on the trip because they needed each other.

Some people have called me brave or crazy for doing this trip. Others compliment me on giving my children an unforgettable gift. But everyone wants to know my "favorite part." Truthfully, it was the freedom that the RV gave us to do what we wanted, when we wanted.

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