The RV Diaries: An RV Family Road Trip

Cruising Along

Camping life

Courtesy of Gretchen Breuner

Between destinations we would arrive in a camp and set up. Depending on the time, the kids would either explore the campground while I made dinner, or we'd head out together. The day-to-day camping life was fun and, as I'd hoped, less frenzied. Instead of running constantly to after-school activities, we read, attended ranger presentations, and ate more than our fair share of s'mores. The children spent time writing in their journals, drawing, and recording mini videos on our Flip camera. I uploaded many of the clips to our website and blog, I also have tons of practical information about family RV trips on there.

Because the RV wasn't much bigger than one of the kids' rooms at home, we could clean it up in 15 to 20 minutes tops. I got a week's laundry done and put away in two hours, since most campgrounds have several washers and dryers.

We ate simple meals. When the weather was nice, I'd bring my electric griddle outside, plug it in with an extension cord, and cook pancakes or make grilled-cheese sandwiches on our picnic table. The kids even made their own lunches. Once, Jackson put out all the sandwich fixings and then yelled out, "Hey, Mom, you want anything?" It made my day.

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