The RV Diaries: An RV Family Road Trip

Parents are renting RVs in record numbers. But what's it really like? Hop in as one family takes a big road trip.

An Unforgettable Road Trip

Gretchen Breuner and her children

Courtesy of Gretchen Breuner

"Look! There's the Lonely Star!" my 5-year-old daughter, Sam, exclaimed, watching the Texas flag go by. Her older siblings, Jackson, 11, and Lilly, 9, couldn't help but correct her and point out that it's known as the "Lone Star." I just thought their conversation was cute, as I had so many times that fall listening in from behind the wheel -- the wheel of our 22-foot RV.

It was a wild ride getting to this point. The quickie version: Six months earlier, I'd become obsessed with the idea of taking the kids on a trip to see the country rather than just reading about it in books. I appealed to my husband, Mike, saying that I always seemed to be on the road anyway, shuttling between sports practices, playdates, and after-school activities. And for what? We were tired, stressed, and the kids barely spent any time with each other. After I sold Mike on homeschooling the kids as we traveled, I just had to make the logistics work.

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