Vacation Buddies: Planning a Multifamily Vacation

It's Cheaper by the Dozen

You can get great deals when you're traveling as a herd. We rented two fully equipped guest cabins at Woodloch Springs, a five-minute ride from the main lodge, which saved us a lot of money -- both on accommodations and meals. We still were able to enjoy all the perks the resort had to offer, but we also had lots of space for the kids, a fridge for food, and a barbecue in the backyard.

Most destinations will offer a variety of lodging options. If your group is large enough, you could even have a small bed-and-breakfast all to yourselves, suggests Pamela Lanier, author of Family Travel & Resorts. Wherever you decide to go, start with an Internet search to get ideas. But once you narrow it down, make sure you call the sales manager directly -- you can get the best group rates this way. "Tell him it may be the only time this group will all see each other, and ask what he can do for you," suggests Eisenberg.

Don't forget to find out about group discounts for activities too, including nearby amusement parks, zoos, concerts, and museums. And make the most of having other adults on hand. Trade off on childcare: Each couple gets one night out alone while the others watch the kids, for example.

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