Vacation Buddies: Planning a Multifamily Vacation

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Finding a place that has something for everyone can be the hardest part of group travel. It was surprisingly easy for us. Originally, I had wanted to try one of the indoor waterparks, but my friend Jane thought something outdoorsy would be better for the summer. She suggested Woodloch Pines, a 1,000-acre family resort in the Poconos ( I wasn't sure at first, but as soon as the brochure arrived, I knew it would be the perfect place for our long-weekend getaway. The resort has lots of activities for kids -- everything from bumper cars to scavenger hunts to a petting zoo. And there's plenty for grown-ups to do too!

To narrow down your choices, look for places that are a reasonable travel distance for everyone. If you're coming from different ends of the country, for example, it should be somewhere in between. You should also discuss what you want out of a vacation: a destination with culture and the arts (an urban escape), lots of outdoor activities (a national park or a ski resort), or a relaxing retreat (the beach or a lake).

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