No-Stress Holiday Travel with Kids

Whether you're planning a long drive to Grandma's house or a flight across time zones, our suggestions will keep your family safe, sound, and sane.

Smart Travel Tricks

mother with children walking through airport

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Traveling during the holiday season is never easy: Think traffic jams, winter weather, delayed flights, and crowded airports. This year, thanks to high fuel costs and cutbacks in airline service, things could be even worse. When you add squirming kids into the equation, you may be tempted to simply hunker down at home.

Nevertheless, millions of Americans are expected to hit the road this Christmas season. The holidays are a great time to visit relatives, reconnect with old friends, or even (lucky you!) take that long-awaited vacation to a warm and sunny family resort. "The trick to smooth holiday travel is careful planning," says Eileen Ogintz, creator of the travel site "And whenever you're on the road with children, it's important to stay flexible and calm." Keep your cool -- and keep your kids happy -- by following these savvy travel tips from our experts.

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