Are We There Yet: A Family Road Trip Survival Guide

We've got tons of ways to make your family road trip safer, easier, and way more fun.

8 Super-Fun Car Games

I Spy: Start with: "I spy with my little eye and the color is...." Then others take turns trying to guess the object.

The Alphabet Game: Everyone takes turns looking for letters on road signs and billboards, starting with the letter A and making their way through the alphabet. You can do this as a competition or as a group activity.

The Picnic Game: The first person says, "I'm going on a picnic and bringing an apple" (or anything starting with A). The next person continues with B but must also remember what A was and so on until someone brings a zebra (or something starting with a Z). Note: You almost never get to Z!

The License-Plate Game: Players try to spot license plates from as many states as they can. Whoever spots the most states wins.

20 Questions: One person thinks of a person or a thing, and the others take turns asking questions to guess who or what it is. Questions must be answered only by "yes" or "no." For little kids, use family members and friends or familiar objects.

Name That Tune: Hum nursery rhymes for the smaller kids or pop songs for older ones. Or try turning the radio or CD player on for a few seconds and see who can guess the song the fastest.

The Question Game: Ask open-ended questions such as "If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?" "If you could pick only one food to eat forever, what would it be?"

The Animal Game: One person thinks of an animal, and others take turns asking questions to guess what animal it could be.

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