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Happy Trails

Happy Trails

Courtesy of Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

The Heathman Hotel's Voluntourism Package, in Portland, Oregon

What you give: This historic hotel has teamed up with The Forest Park Conservancy to create a three-hour voluntourism package that helps with cleanup across the park's 5,000 acres. Called discovery hikes, these tours include education about the park's unique environment as well as removal of invasive plant species and trash on its scenic trails.

What you get: When you're not helping out, enjoy Portland's family-friendly activities. You can jump on the easily accessible MAX light-rail system to get to the Portland Children's Museum, Oregon Zoo, or other attractions, such the world's largest independent bookstore (

Rates Packages start at: $309 per night and include transportation to and from the park. Bonus: One hundred dollars of the cost of the package goes to the Forest Park Conservancy (

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