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Fun on the Farm

Girl with chickens

Feather Down Farm Days at Kinnikinnick Farm, in Boone County, Illinois; Stony Creek Farm, in Delaware County, New York; and Ambrosia Farm, in Otsego County, New York

What you give: You and your little farmhand pitch in by collecting chicken eggs, milking goats, harvesting produce, feeding barnyard animals, and other chores for two hours a day.

What you get: A weekly treasure hunt, tree swings, a giant sandbox, bike rentals, and enough squirt and soaker guns to reenact a Civil War battle. Your kids will probably think that staying in the safari-like tents (complete with wood-burning stoves for cooking, canopy beds, hand-cranked coffee grinders, and even oil lanterns) is pretty cool.

Rates Start at: $189 per night. Tents come with a cooler for groceries (you can pick vegetables from the private garden), a full private bathroom (in the two New York locations), and a cooking stove (

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