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Get the most bang for your buck this holiday season with these kid-friendly toys for all ages!

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Bryan McCay

Funny Face Mirror

A mirror your baby can snuggle up to, this cute, cuddly toy reflects your baby's beautiful mug where its face should be. $9;

For ages: 0 months+

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How to Choose an Electronic Educational Toy

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Bryan McCay

Sandwich Stacking Game

Players put on the bread-slice gloves and scramble to pick up the Velcro cheese, pickles, and other fillers in the right order. $30;

For ages: 4 years+

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Bryan McCay

Penguin Peek-A-Boo Plush

Kids can turn this sweet snuggle inside out to switch it from a huggable stuffed animal into a flashy pillow. $26;

For ages: 3 years+

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Bryan McCay

Push, Pull & Ride

Triple the fun with this toy that transforms into a pushcart, a wagon, and a ride-on when you adjust the unique seat. $40;

For ages: 18-36 months

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Bryan McCay

Snuggle Pods

A great first doll: The baby is tucked into a removable pod. $15;

For ages: 0 months+

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Bryan McCay

Harumika Style Sets

Your future fashionista will rule the runway with this kit. The special stylus lets her design her own doll-size line -- no sewing skills necessary. $15 to $25;

For ages: 7 years+

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Bryan McCay

I Spy Colorful Kids Puzzles

Get two great activities for the price of one. First, piece the kid-shape puzzle together, then play everyone's favorite spotting game by finding the listed objects. $13;

For ages: 5 years+

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Bryan McCay

Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy

Manipulating this wooden shape shifter helps babies with hand control. $8;

For ages: 6 months+

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Bryan McCay

Saucer Scramble

The launcher shoots discs high into the air. Run around to catch as many as you can in your "net" before they fall to the ground. $20;

For ages: 5 years+

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Bryan McCay

Fairytale Spinner Game

Kids try to collect all the pieces needed to complete the story, and the winner gets to make up a tale. $17;

For ages: 5 years+

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Bryan McCay

Burger Builder

Your child can create the perfect burger with a side of fries using molds that stamp out Play-Doh into pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, and buns. $15;

For ages: 3 years+

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Bryan McCay

Chicky Boom

Find out who rules the roost with this addictive game. Try to remove the stacked chickens from the teetering perch without knocking the flock down. $25;

For ages: 4 years+

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Bryan McCay

Puzzle Stacker

The interlocking pieces add an extra layer of fun -- and value -- to the traditional wooden stacking toy. $39;

For ages: 18 months+

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Bryan McCay

Hyper Blast

Your kid stomps on the device to send balls flying. It calls out a color or a number, and she has to think fast to return the requested one. $30;

For ages: 6 years+

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Bryan McCay

Scattergories: The Card Game

Quick! Name a city that starts with W. Shout out the answer first in the fast-pace, fast-play version of this game of wits. $12;

For ages: 8 years+

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