Toys for Young Tots

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Also think in terms of categories. A variety of activities will help develop your child's body, mind, and emotions. Three-year-olds especially enjoy:

  • dress-up clothes and props
  • puppets, dolls, action figures, and stuffed animals
  • pretend toys such as miniature farms with animals, a schoolroom with a teacher and kids, a gas station with tools, and dollhouses
  • "housekeeping" toys such as kid-size refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, sinks, washing machines, driers, ironing boards, lawn mowers, and vacuum cleaners
  • puzzles
  • simple lotto and board games
  • sand and water toys
  • arts and crafts materials (paper, crayons, chalk, markers, paints, clay, children's scissors, and glue)
  • building, sorting, counting toys
  • physical play equipment such as slides, swings, jungle gym, ride-ons, wagons, and wading pools (make sure the equipment is safe and age appropriate, and supervise your children at all times) sports equipment like balls
  • videos, cassette tapes of music, and musical instruments
  • picture books, alphabet books, and stories about other children
  • books that they've chosen themselves from the public library.

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