FamilyFun's 2013 Boredom Buster Awards

Great Video Game: When Disney Worlds Collide!

Disney Infinity

Photograph by Mark Mantegna

In Disney Infinity, players put a figurine (such as Sulley, shown here) on a base, then play onscreen as that character in his animated movie world (Monsters University in Sulley's case). During the game, kids collect virtual characters, vehicles, gadgets, and more, then use them to make new stories and adventures. Our favorite creation: Captain Jack driving Cinderella's carriage across Halloween Town while wielding a toilet paper launcher! Single player; Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and Wii U.

Ages 8 and up, $74.99 for starter pack,

Nighttime Toy: Ground Control to Major Fun

Skylight Rockets

Photograph by Mark Mantegna

Thanks to Skylight Rockets, there are no more shots in the dark -- stomp rocket shots, that is. When the sun goes down, just switch out the trio of regular rockets for the two with red-and-blue LED flashing lights.

Ages 3 and up, $20,

Apps We Love

Adventures -- as well as friendly lions -- lurk around every corner in Ranger Rick Jr. Appventures: Lions! Explore African grasslands with photos and videos, play games, solve puzzles, make music on the Animal Piano, or create a wild animal mash-up with the Animal Builder. iOS.

Ages 4 to 7, $4.99

In Wild Kratts Creature Power, kids learn about the natural world by accompanying TV's Kratt brothers on animal missions. Two of our favorites: helping a mother raccoon feed her babies and flinging buckets of water at elephants to help them cool off. iOS and Android.

Ages 4 to 8, $2.99

A rainbow machine that kids fuel by choosing healthy produce options? That's the premise of Yummiloo Rainbow Power, and our testers really ate it up. Along the way, they also learned a bit about the cycle of composting, planting, and harvesting. iOS.

Ages 4 to 8, $1.99

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