FamilyFun's 2013 Boredom Buster Awards

Need a cure for your kids' summertime blues? We got 15 of them! All of these playthings stood out from the pack for their smile-restoring powers -- and ability to deliver hours of entertainment.

For Big Kids: The Wheel Deal

Sbyke P20

What happens when you combine a scooter, a bike, and a skateboard? You get Sbyke P20, an eye-catching hybrid with a fixed 20-inch wheel, rear steering, and the sturdiness to carry up to 220 pounds (go, Dad!).

Ages 8 and up, $249.99,

For Tots: Rad Ride-On


Kids get Ziggle moving forward by twisting the handlebars and wiggling in their seat. The casters allow for 360-degree spinning action.

Ages 3 to 8, $49.99,

For Little Kids: Three-Wheeled Fun

Y Fliker F1

Pushing off with your feet is so 2012. To power the Y Fliker F1 scooter, kids move their hips side to side, somewhat like a slalom skier.

Ages 5 and up, $99.99,

Instant Fun: Hit the Road, Kids

Civil Engineer Tape

Each roll of Civil Engineer Tape provides 25 meters of faux blacktop, complete with such handy details as crosswalks and intersections. Intended for use on carpet, the durable tape stands up well to both foot and toy traffic, then pulls up easily when drive time is over.

Ages 3 to 10, $8,

Portable Toy: Put Your Best Face Forward

Magnetibook Crazy Faces

Magnetibook Crazy Faces lets kids make plenty of faces (and not just at their siblings). Bonus: the 67 funny magnetic facial features, funky hairstyles, and accessories all store neatly in the case.

Ages 3 to 8, $14.99,

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