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Leave the Bubbles to Us

If only grown-up yard work was this much fun! Pull the simple trigger on the battery-operated Garden Bubble Leaf and Lawn Blower and you get realistic revving sounds and a continuous stream of bubbles. A clear window helps make sure the leaf blower doesn't run out of fuel -- in this case, bubble solution! Ages 3 to 6. Imperial Toy, $20

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Photograph by Andrew Greto

All-Terrain Fun

The YBike Kicker's chunky wheels, deep treads, and sturdy build make it a perfect vehicle for on- and off-road terrain. Tester tots loved how they could zoom all over the yard, not just the driveway, and parents appreciated the quick and easy assembly. Ages 3 to 5. YBike, $100

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Something to Tweet About

The super-cute Sweet Tweet Bike Light, complete with chirping horn, can be mounted on handlebars or used as a handheld flashlight. Streamline Inc., $28

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We Pick the Best Toys of 2014

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Photograph by Mark Mantegna

New Hues to Choose

The colors in Crayola's new Washable Sidewalk Chalk now match those in the crayon sets. Driveways, prepare to look fabulous! 4 box sizes available. Ages 4 and up. Crayola, $1.99 to $4.99

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Photograph by Mark Mantegna

Walk the Line

The Gibbon Funline is shorter and wider than other slackline models -- both desirable features when your child is just starting to practice the tightrope-like activity. Funlines also come equipped with the hardware you'll need to set them up. Gibbon, $79.99

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Photograph by David Roth

This Helmet is Write On!

Triple Eight's new Wipeout Dry Erase Helmet puts a spin on personalized biking and skating gear. Kids can decorate the helmet with their own designs using the stencils and markers in bright colors that come with it. For a new look, they simply wipe it clean and start over. Available in black, white, pink, or hot pink. Triple Eight, $29.99

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Andrew Greto

Go Three-Wheelin' on This Cool Kart

With the YBike Explorer's side-mounted steering handles and quick-swivel rear wheel, this lean, mean, kid-powered machine just screams for a driveway slalom course. Ages 5 to 10. YBike, $199.99

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Richard Carpenter

Hop to It

Our testers were leaping around like kangaroos at a sock hop on the electronic Go-Go-Pogo. Five built-in challenges, such as speed trials and a freeze-tag version of Musical Statues, kept the fun going for hours. Ages 5 to 10. Diggin Active, $49.99

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Chalk One Up to Stencils

The Outdoor Mandala-Designer lets kids make intricate chalk designs with ease. Place the 22 1/2-inch-round plastic stencil on pavement, trace or color in one of the shapes, turn the wheel, and repeat for an infinite number of patterns. Four sets available. Ages 5 and up. $24.99,

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Bye, Bye, Plain Ole Birdie

Brer Rabbit Toys has supersized a classic backyard game. Its Badminton Set features large mesh rackets and a 7 3/4-inch-long jumbo birdie. (A regular-size birdie is also included.) Ages 5 and up. $21.99,

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Photograph by Andrew Greto

Serve Up Some Sandy Candy

Create a slew of make-believe snacks at the beach or in the sandbox with the new Sun Bistro line. Each set has stamps, molds, whisks, and pans for whipping up bonbons, fries, cakes, and the like. Ages 3 and up. $3.89 to $9.99,

Originally published in the June/July 2013 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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