The Year's Best Baby Toys

These toys are more than just a good time. They help your baby reach important developmental milestones. Shop this list of our new favorites!

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Room to Play

Babyplay 4-in-1 Tummy Time Play & Explore Activity Gym

Use Mamas and Papas' Babyplay 4-in-1 Tummy Time Play & Explore Activity Gym with its arches or without; it's also big enough for two, making it perfect for a pair of twins or playdates. (birth and up, $100)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Wise Choice

Earlyears Owl Busy Buddy Blanket

So much to explore! And the Earlyears Owl Busy Buddy Blanket can fold up into your diaper bag to go with you. (birth and up, $17)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Charming Chicken

Apple Park's Organic Farm Buddies Surfer Chick

With snazzy shades and shoes, Apple Park's Organic Farm Buddies Surfer Chick is a cool plush friend. (birth and up, $15.50)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Tummy Time Made Easy

Kathe Kruse's Tummy Time Fitness Roll

The various textures all over Kathe Kruse's Tummy Time Fitness roll will hold your baby's attention. Pull the nose and the whole thing wiggles! (6 months and up, $60)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Cute Caterpillar

Press 'n Play Zoom Zoom Buggy

Push on the smiling Press 'n Play Zoom Zoom Buggy from B. Kids and it goes a short distance. (9 months and up, $14)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Tons Of Fun

Tap N Tumble Elephant

When your baby tips over the Tap N Tumble Elephant from Tomy, the toy begins to spin away, inviting your kiddo to chase after it. (10 months and up, $30)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Super Balls

Bright Starts' Having A Ball Jungle Fun Ball Climber

Teach your tot how to send the balls around and around with Bright Starts' Having a Ball Jungle Fun Ball Climber. He'll stay mesmerized by all the movement! (6 to 36 months, $30)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Bright Idea

Playskool's Elefun & Friends Shapes 'n Colors Turtle

By pressing on Playskool's Elefun & Friends Shapes 'n Colors Turtle, Baby can set off lights, music, or a shape's name. (6 months and up, $15)

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Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Truckloads Of Fun

Busy Fire Truck

With a bead maze, mirror, spinning wheel, and more, the wooden Busy Fire Truck lives up to its name. (10 months and up, $44)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Hot Seat

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

When your baby interacts with this seat's pretend remote control, book, and seat cushion, the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair plays songs, phrases, and learning games to entertain her. It's easy to set the games to change as she grows older. (12 months and up, $40)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

3-in-1 Indoor Fun

Little Tikes Activity Garden 3-in-1 Adventure Center

For some indoor exercise, the Little Tikes Activity Garden 3-in-1 Adventure Center gives your toddler a place to climb, slide, and rock (12 months to 3 years, $30)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Jam Band!

Wooden Instruments from Spark. Create. Imagine.

Host your own impromptu music class with three Wooden Instruments from Walmart's Spark. Create. Imagine. line of toys. (12 months and up, $7)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

A Clear Winner

See-Inside Sensory Blocks

Stacking play gets more colorful thanks to the beads inside See-Inside Sensory Blocks from Lakeshore Learning. (6 to 36 months; $30)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Oink, Oink!

Animals on Wheels

Animals on Wheels, like this piggy, are made in the USA by Green Toys from recycled plastic and easy for little hands to send zipping along.

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Cuddly Koalas

Lamaze Cuddle & Squeak Koalas

Lamaze's Cuddle & Squeak Koalas are more than just stuffed animals to love. The baby is a rattle and clutches a leafy teether. (6 months and up, $20)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Bounce Around

Little Grip 'N Roll Balls

Bouncy balls never go out of style! This set of three Little Grip 'N Roll Balls, from Little Tikes, is a bargain. (6 months and up, $10)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Hoppin' Fun

Rattle-A Roo

Rich Frog's Rattle-A-Roo chimes when you jiggle the mom-and-baby-pair. (birth and up, $11)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Get A Grip!

Uppsala Lion Clutching Toy

A maplewood ring is at the center of Haba's Uppsala Lion Clutching Toy. (birth and up, $13)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Shake It Up, Baby

Amelia Giraffe

This Amelia giraffe, from Finn + Emma, is satisfying to gum as well as shake. (birth and up, $28)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Ready To Roll

Color Fun Walker Wagon

Silicone treads on Haba's Color Fun Walker Wagon add stability. (10 months and up, $116)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Go Kart, Go!

Stow 'N Go Kart

Baby can push, pull and ride on B. Toys' Stow 'N Go Kart, and hide toys in it too. (12 to 36 months, $50)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Jingle All The Way

Janod's Crazy Doggy Babywalker

Janod's Crazy Doggy Babywalker has a bell on its collar so you can hear Baby on the move. (12 months and up, $60)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Medieval Fun

Mamas and Papas' Flame the Dragon

Mamas and Papas' fire-breathing Flame the Dragon is full of fierce fun! (birth and up, $18)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Chew On This

Bandana Buddies Activity Elephant

The neckwear on Bandana Buddies Activity Elephant, from Sklip-Hop, is a teether you can wear. (birth and up, $15)

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Jeffrey Westbrook

Just Magical

Lamaze's Tilly Twinklewings

Flowing mane! Shiny horn! Lamaze's Tilly Twinklewings has pizazz. (birth to 24 months, $16)

Originally published in the December/January 2015 issue of American Baby Magazine.

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