Baby Toys That Educate and Entertain

Who says you have to choose between keeping the little one busy and nurturing her development? With this collection of educational baby toys, she can laugh and learn.

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Activity Arch

Keep baby entertained while you're on the go with this trio of musical toys that you can hook onto a car seat or stroller.

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Stuffed Elephant

This stuffed colorful friend is full of patterns, textures, and sounds for Baby to explore and learn.

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Playing With Baby: Baby Toys

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This toy's variety of textures and colors will delight teething babies and curious toddlers.

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Squirting Bath Toys

Baby can create her own bath-time adventures with these bright toys.

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Baby Gym

This safari-themed play mat sparks Baby's curiosity with new colors, shapes, and textures to get his brain buzzing!

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How to Buy Baby Toys on a Budget

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Animal Stroller Toy

Your tot will love twisting and playing with this travel toy. Even better: You can clip this plaything to a stroller...

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Rattles and Teethers

With their exciting patterns, rattling sounds, and varied textures, these toys appeal to Baby's senses.

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Sophie the Giraffe

This tall-necked teether features smooth material that soothes Baby's tender gums.

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This soft toy's hidden noisemakers, high-contrast graphics, and bright shapes will fascinate your tot.

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Babyproofing Your Home: Toys

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These toys are more than just a good time. They help your baby reach... more
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