Discover what kids of all ages want to play with. Our best-bet guides will steer you through the thousands of choices and help you choose what's best for your child.

2016 FamilyFun Toys of the Year

Introducing the 2016 Toys of the Year! These 20 kid-approved picks are squeal-inducing, happy-dance-launching hits that left our testers begging for more. Talk about holiday must-haves!

FamilyFun Picks: Top 10 Board Games

Our tester families played dozens of entries, evaluating them on clarity of rules, design, value, and, of course, fun. And the winners are ...

Age-by-Age Guide to Toys!

What's the best toy for an infant vs. a toddler? Before you go holiday shopping, check out our list that matches developmental stages of play with toys that work well for kids at each age.

Toys for Kids With Special Needs

The writer of the blog To the Max asked parents which toys most benefited their kids with special needs this past year. These toys have encouraged children to move, communicate, manipulate their hands, be social -- and have lots of fun too.

Your Guide to Age-Appropriate Toys

Toy shopping is serious business. Toys that are too easy will bore your babe. Those that are too advanced will aggravate him. But pick one that's just right for his skill level, and you'll be giving him hours of education, exploration, and enjoyment "Toys are an investment in a child's development," says Marianne Szymanski, founder and president of Toy Tips, Inc. and co-author of Toy Tips: A Parent's Essential Guide to Smart Toy Choices. Ready to shop? We've compiled a list of age-appropriate toys -- as well as ones to avoid -- for each developmental level.

The Year's Best Baby Toys

These toys are more than just a good time. They help your baby reach important developmental milestones. Shop this list of our new favorites!

Best Toys of the Year 2014

We tested new toys with kids (they're so picky!) and parents (even pickier!) to find the ones we're sure are winners. (You're welcome!) Find this year's best toys for every age, starting with baby and ending with big kids! We've got 58 winners in all, so we know you'll find ones just right for the special children on your list.

Hot Toys for 2016

Toy Fair has spoken: These are the toys your kids will be asking for come the holidays!

Make Your Own Developmental Baby Toys

Homemade toys, as seen on the American Baby TV Show.

FamilyFun Best Toys of 2016

Check out the FamilyFun picks for best toys of 2016! All tested by real kids, see this year's top toy list.

Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers

There are so many options for baby and toddler toys out there. We'll show you our top choices so you can be confident that your little one will be entertained.

Best Toys of 2016

From babies to big kids, check out Parents picks for the best toys of 2016.

Holiday Gifts That Celebrate Latino Culture

Still digging around for the perfect present for your little one? We've got you covered with toys that connect them to your culture.

FamilyFun Toy of the Year Awards

What's the formula for finding this year's most fabulous toys? Start with 50 discerning families, then give them 425 of the newest playthings to evaluate. The results? Our Top Ten Award Winners and 15 additional picks -- 25 holiday worthy toys, each for under $100!

American Baby 2015 Best Toy Awards

What's new for children less than a year old to play with? These hot finds! They'll stimulate curiosity and bring on the fun.

Top 10 Toys For Creativity

Which playthings best help your child unleash his imagination? Parents went to child-development experts to find out.

8 High-Tech Toys for STEM-Savvy Kids

There's so much more to digital toys than your typical video games and computer programs. These eight innovative picks bring STEAM education to life through coding, robotics, animation, and more--plus they're a lot of fun.

Best Toddler Toy Gifts for the Holidays

Still don't know what presents to buy your toddler for the holidays? Check out these fun, affordable toys.

Have Your Baby Play Smart

There's no magical toy that will turn your tot into a genius. But you can pick playthings that boost your baby's development at every stage.

Best Beach and Sand Toys for Kids This Summer

Kids are sure to have some fun in the sun with these sand and sea toys. We've got 10 all-new beach toys, plus some favorites that we recently shared in our June magazine.

The Return of the Rubik's Cube

This classic toy is an awesome way to practice the logic and problem-solving skills that are crucial to STEM education. Here's how to harness the fun.

4 Things You Should Know About Gender Stereotypes in Kids' Toys

The importance of gender-neutral toys for boys and girls goes beyond just being politically correct.

Best Toys That Get Kids Moving

Looking for something to help your child burn off some energy? Our kid testers show you how much fun they had playing with their favorite toys that kept them moving.

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