Advice for Coaches and Parents


  • Allow your child to try a variety of sports and to choose ones that appeal to her.
  • Avoid putting pressure on her to participate in a specific sport.
  • Be realistic about your child's abilities and attention span.
  • Offer unconditional approval for participating and having fun.
  • Turn losses and disappointments into learning experiences.
  • Attend games, show support from the sidelines, and discuss game events.
  • Ensure a proper balance between sports and other life activities.
  • Encourage and assist your child to set personal goals to achieve her highest potential.
  • Stress the enjoyment and socialization skills that organized sports have to offer.
  • Gain an understanding of the sport and your child's involvement.
  • Help your child talk with you about her experiences with the coach and other team members.
  • If you have a concern, take time to talk with the coach in an appropriate manner.

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