Other Printables

No matter the occasion, look to our collection of free printable activity pages to keep your kids busy and entertained for hours. We've got language-building sheets, party invitations, cards, and more.

Printable Table-Setting Place Mats

Teach your kids to set the table!

Printables to Stimulate Baby's Vision

Stimulate baby's eyesight and brain development with these striking black-and-white printables.

Print and Color Greeting Cards

Perfect for any occasion!

Teach Your Kids About Money with Parents Bucks

Is your 2-year-old already fascinated with your wallet? It's not too early to start teaching good money sense. Use our Parents Bucks to start educating your toddlers -- and your big kids -- about the value of a dollar.

Printable Mandarin Chinese and Spanish Flash Cards

Want to give your child a head start on learning a foreign language? Check out our number and color flash cards for Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

Print It: Bingo Cards

Banish boredom with Bingo! Print out our free picture boards, perfect for when you're on the go or looking for a fun game at home.

Printable Tangram Puzzles

Puzzle the mind with three different versions.

Fish Facts Printable

Mazes and Puzzles

Print it! Kids' mazes, puzzles, and more.

Print It: Back-to-School

Getting ready for school can be a challenge. Parents.com's back-to-school printables make everything from morning madness to bedtime blues a little easier (and a lot more fun!).

Make Math Fun

Print these cool math games for a brainy day.

Mother Goose Memory Game

Whether your little one is 2 or 6, she'll love our classic game with a barnyard twist!

Printable Thank-You Stickers

Pack more punch into your thank-you notes with these cool decals.

Printable Cubes: Make Language Learning Fun

Train your little one's ears to easily pick up foreign languages with our fun printables.

Print It: When Teachers Call Home

Sometimes the hardest part of solving classroom troubles is pinpointing what the problem is. Keep track of your child's school progress and assignments with these printables -- then make room on the fridge for when the good grades start coming home!