Plan a Fun-Filled Family Reunion

Gather the whole extended family and make new memories at a summer reunion. Play games and enjoy childhood recipes that are sure to take you back in time.

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Heather Weston

Gather The Family And Have Some Fun

Summertime is a great opportunity to round up the entire extended family and enjoy a family reunion. We've got plenty of memory making games, crafts, and ideas to entertain your family when you gather.

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Heather Weston

Guess Who?

Mount childhood photos of family members onto cardstock and hang them on a bulletin board. Try to figure out who's who and have fun looking for a resemblance between generations.

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Heather Weston

Branch Out

Kids will learn the family lineage while working on this craft.

Follow these instructions to create your family tree:

What you'll need 36" wooden garden stake, sticks (one per generation) measuring 12" to 18" each, white paint, paintbrush, small nails, hammer, patterned or solid-color craft paper, scissors, double-stick tape, string, round colored labels, markers, hot-glue gun, pot or planter, soil or wood chips

Make it Apply two coats of white paint to the garden stake and sticks; let dry completely. Nail the sticks to the garden stake, about 4" to 6" apart, to create a treelike shape. (Be sure to leave about 12" underneath the bottom stick for planting.) Cut two 2" squares from matching craft paper and one length of string for each family member or married couple. (Note: We assigned each nuclear family its own color scheme). Attach matching paper squares back to back using double-stick tape, sandwiching a length of string in between, to create a square tag. Attach a round sticker label to each side of square tag and write the person or couple's name(s) on both using markers. Tie the tags to the painted sticks so that each family member's name hangs in the vertical nuclear family line. Create a round label with your extended family's surname out of matching craft paper and attach to the top of the tree with hot glue. "Plant" your family tree in a pot or a planter and fill with soil or wood chips.

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Heather Weston

Say Cheese!

Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged so that you don't miss all of the classic photo ops!

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Heather Weston

Gene Mapping

When guests arrive, have kids tag their home city with their name on a map.

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Heather Weston

Comfort Foods

Ask guests to bring an addition to the meal -- perhaps a family favorite like Grandma's famous banana bread.

Check out our recipe for walnut banana bread, as well as other recipes we recommend for a family reunion.

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Heather Weston

Sweet Souvenirs

Put together a grab bag of trinkets from every family member. Request they come with something small that represents their home state for a special party favor.

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Heather Weston

Film Archives

Set up a video on a tripod, and have everyone record a funny story.

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Heather Weston

Hang In There

Decorate with classic pennants. We made ours with vintage designs from Reprodepot's pattern book, Flora.

Originally published in the August 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

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