Super Ideas for Sleepovers

Celebrate family with a fun-filled cousin sleepover party!

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Photographs By Ronnie Andren

A Camp-In With Cousins

Gather the youngest generation for a sleepover packed with fun stuff that celebrates family, including a giggle-inducing game, a home-baked treat, and cute DIY keepsakes.

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Photographs By Ronnie Andren

Make a handy, hearty keepsake

Here's a sweet take-home project that will help kids cozy up to their cousins even when they're far apart. To start, squeeze fabric paint onto paper plates. Insert a piece of cardboard into each pillowcase to prevent paint from bleeding through. Have kids use a foam brush to cover their palms with paint, then make two adjoining handprints to form hearts. Add names with letter stamps and fabric-ink stamp pads. Let the paint dry thoroughly, then set the prints according to the paint package's instructions.

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Photographs By Ronnie Andren

Bake sleepover pies

Get the cousins into the kitchen to whip up this tasty family portrait. Piecrust is filled with jam or chocolate-hazelnut spread, then baked. Each guest can frost his likeness (and a sleeping bag to match his real one!), then gobble it up for a bedtime snack.

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Photographs By Ronnie Andren

Exchange cousin charms

Invite each child to make a backpack dangler or necklace for a fellow cousin. Following the package instructions, have the kids create Shrinky Dink drawings, punch holes, finish the charms in the oven, and slip them onto a cord (for a necklace) or a key ring.

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Photographs By Ronnie Andren

Tell family tales

For laughs, nothing beats a wild yarn about the relatives. Print copies of our funny fill-in-the-blank story (below). Fold over each copy's left edge to hide the story, and secure the flap with stickers. Have everyone fill in the blanks on their copy, then open the flap to read their family saga aloud.

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of FamilyFun magazine

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