Cool Summer Desserts

Make any of these five refreshing recipes with your child for a fun-filled retreat from the heat.


Tina Rupp

Need a break from the summer sun? Head inside to create fabulous frozen treats with your child. "Stock up on your favorite flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet, and let your kids show off their creativity," says Child food editor Laurie Goldrich-Wolf. These easy recipes can be made ahead and stored in the freezer until serving time, an ideal way to let kids help when you entertain. Let them serve the treats -- and savor the compliments!

Where to Find Fun Ice Pop Molds

Treat molds come in many clever shapes and sizes. These stores and Web sites carry a variety of fabulous options.

  • Broadway Panhandler, 866-COOKWARE: molds used to make our Juicy Fruit Pops
  • molds used to make our Super Star Pops
  • frozen ice pop maker and sticks
  • assorted molds
  • assorted molds
  • assorted sandcastle molds
  • ice pop kit with reusable plastic Mickey Mouse motif sticks

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