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Lenora Gim

Even when you know company is coming, time can get away from you; all it takes is one missed nap or an exploding-diaper episode, and you're off track. Assuming you have the food itself under control (use takeout, if it's not), here's how to pull it together for dinner guests.

The Absolute Basics

  • Fake the clean. Spritz some Murphy's Oil Soap onto a cloth or paper towel, and run it quickly over any piece of furniture. The fresh scent will banish lingering odors of stale spit-up and diapers.
  • Rinse out the wineglasses. People notice wineglasses more than other tableware, and they unfortunately have a way of attracting extra dust in the cupboard. A quick rinse in hot soapy water takes just 10 seconds.
  • Roll it, baby. For guests' safety, clear walkways as much as possible, Crew says. Push baby swings, portable cribs, or anything else on wheels out of the dining room -- and fold up whatever you can to save space, even if you only stack it against the wall.

Copyright © 2007. Used with permission from the December 2007 issue of American Baby magazine.

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