Q+A: Are Kids Watching Too Much TV?

Where Can I Learn More?

These organizations are taking action and speaking out for our kids.

Children's Digital Media Center (cdmc.georgetown.edu)

Check out new studies, books, and reports on interactive media from this five-university alliance.

Common Sense Media (commonsensemedia.org)

Log on to read free reviews of new children's movies, TV programming, and other media.

National Institute on Media and the Family (mediafamily.org)

Download "parent guides" to hot topics like TV ratings, advertising, and parental controls.

Center on Media and Child Health (cmch.tv)

Learn about the effects of media and sign up for a free newsletter that's filled with news, research, and helpful advice.

By the Numbers

74: The percentage of children who watch TV before they are 2.

43: The percentage of kids under age 2 who watch TV every day.

51: The percentage of homes where the TV is on most or all of the time.

33: The percentage of kids under age 6 who have a TV set in their bedroom.

63: The percentage of American homes that have a TV on during meals.

17: Billion dollars spent annually on commercials that are targeted at kids.

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