Q+A: Are Kids Watching Too Much TV?

What About Educational Programming?

Q. Is educational programming better?

A. A bit better for older kids. But there are no positive effects for children under age 2. Their brains are not yet developed enough to learn from a screen. Even the "baby videos" might contribute to cognitive delays and cause real harm.

Q. It can't be all bad. Do television and videos have any positive effect on kids?

A. For children older than 2, some educational programs can help improve language skills. But it's important to choose interactive shows, like Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues. These programs are designed by education experts who know exactly what developmental skills to focus on for every age, and they demand thoughtful responses from the young viewers. So the information isn't just passively washing over a child. Also, age-appropriate, nonviolent video games can help kids learn about problem solving.

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