10 Ways to Live TV-Free

Tips 3-6

TV-Free Tip #3: Don't make it center stage.

Research shows that kids watch more television when it's located in the middle of the room, so stow your set in a corner or close the doors on the entertainment center when it's not on.

TV-Free Tip #4: Shut it off.

Studies show that 50 percent of people leave their television on all the time, whether they are watching or not.

"Many parents use television as background noise,' says Dr. Shifrin. "Leaving the TV on like that just invites overuse," he says. Instead, opt for the radio or a favorite CD.

TV-Free Tip #5: Start TV-free hours.

Forbid television during certain times. Begin modestly, like banning TV during mealtimes. While you may be met with resistance, kids this age can easily adapt. "I was surprised at how quickly my daughter, Eleni, found other things to do," says Laura Broadwell, a mother from Brooklyn, New York.

TV-Free Tip #6: Opt for screen-less activities.

Invite your toddler to grab some crayons and her favorite coloring book, plan a story hour, or play interactive games like duck, duck, goose.

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