Take TV time from filler to thriller with these ideas for educational and entertaining programming your kids will love. Plus: How much television is too much? The pros weigh in with ideas for monitoring usage.

Parents Warn: This YouTube Kids Content Turns Sickly Violent Out of Nowhere

Parents are furious after their kids watched animated content featuring graphic violence, and now, they want to caution you.

13 Nights of Halloween Is Back: Here's the Movie Lineup

Are your kids getting amped for Halloween? Count down to the 31st with 13 days of spooky movies.

Quiz: Which TV Mom Are You?

Are you more of a Claire Dunphy or a Peggy Bundy? A Marge Simpson or a Rainbow Johnson? Take our quiz to find out!

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7 Top Moments From 'Sesame Street' in Honor of the Show's 47th Birthday

We could have picked 47 moments from this classic kids' show, but here are some of the best.

The Great TV Debate

Is TV good or bad for kids today?

"My 1-Year-Old Loves TV!"

What -- and how much -- to let your child watch.

Why 'Toy Hackers' Might Be Your Kids' New YouTube Obsession

And why you'll probaably be happy about it.

Exclusive: Mandy Moore on "Sheriff Callie's Wild West"

Actress Mandy Moore discusses her new role as a kitty cat sheriff in this exclusive video preview of Disney Junior's new series "Sheriff Callie's Wild West."

Violent Video Games, TV, and Movies

Vice President Joe Biden calls for the legal barriers to be lifted so that more research can be done on the effects of video games, TV, and movies in spurring gun violence.

Kid Shows You Love(d)

Remember these? It's been decades we're sure, but take a trip down memory lane by watching these clips from your favorite kids' shows of all time.

Listen to the Music: Justin Roberts

Whether you and your children have been Justin Roberts fans for years, or you are just discovering his witty music, you will delight in these samples of our favorite tunes -- as well as the full version of "Pop Fly," the title track from his new album.

Randi Zuckerberg on Empowering Girls Through STEM and Her New Kids' Show

In the age of #girlpower, we still see a low turnout for females entering math and science-related fields. Randi Zuckerberg shares why she's so passionate about shifting the course.

Breaking the TV Habit

Expert help for kids who spend too much time in front of the tube.

Q+A: Are Kids Watching Too Much TV?

We spoke to Parents advisor Michael Rich, MD, MPH, director of the Center on Media and Child Health, at the Children's Hospital Boston about the impact of TV and movies on kids.

Meet the Super Bowl Babies!

During Super Bowl 50, the NFL will run a funny-but-touching ad about babies born nine months after a Super Bowl victory.