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A recent episode tackled the subject of bullying [a character named Deep Freeze froze all of the Fresh Beats friends because she couldn't dance]. What other subjects would you like to see featured on your program?
JB: It's so important for us as a group to honor and celebrate people's differences. Being unique is great. It is what makes each one of us special. That's a theme I would like to continue building on.

What do you think each of your characters [Kiki, Shout, Marina, Twist] symbolize?
TP: Marina is so much fun to play. She's smart and she's a little bit goofy but she's always there to get the band back on track. She's the steady beat for the band.
YGN: Kiki is the epitome of optimism. She's always enthusiastic and can always find the positive in everything.
TH: Shout is loyal. He loves and will always support his friends. He's the big brother of the group.
JB: Twist is one big kid. He's always happy and always jumps up with these crazy ideas. He's the rambunctious one of the group.

How excited are you to trek across the country and meet your fans?
TH: It's electrifying being up on stage and seeing the joy we bring to all of these young people. Truly, there is nothing like it.

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