Helping Your Toddler Tune In to Music

Musical Notes

These tips will help you make music a part of your family's life.


  • Keep toy instruments in your playroom for impromptu concerts. Maracas, rhythm sticks, and small drums are perfect for this age.
  • Take your child to outdoor concerts designed for 2- and 3-year-olds.
  • Let your child tinker on the piano while you play a song alongside.
  • Keep CD players in the kitchen, playroom, and your child's room.


  • Take your preschooler to the symphony -- or a rock concert. She can't sit that long, and the volume might frighten her or hurt her ears.
  • Sign him up for formal piano lessons. It's too early and will only turn him off.
  • Limit her listening to one kind of music.
  • Only buy toy instruments. A real tambourine makes a wonderful sound and often costs the same as a toy one.

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