Meet the Artist: David Weinstone and Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals

Meet the Artist: David Weinstone, Continued

Humor is a big element in your work. Can you talk about that?
There's a lot of poignancy in my writing, but there's also a lot of humor. And some of that humor is making fun of things. But it's not that I'm laughing at kids or parents. It's really to help them laugh at themselves when I write a song about a kid having a meltdown, or something like that.

How do you manage to appeal to both kids and adults?
I really don't hold back. I don't think about who I'm writing for. If I like it and it makes me happy, I'm putting it on the record.

So you don't deliberately incorporate lyrics or humor or references just for parents?
I never use insider jokes just for the sake of the parents. It's a thin line to walk where kids get the music on one level and appreciate it and parents are digging it for its intelligence or stylistic diversity or daringness.

Has your music changed lyrically as your three kids have grown?
No! If I wrote music about my 14-year-old son Ezra, I'd be writing about Xbox and PlayStation and "Oh, I missed my curfew, I hope I'm not in trouble!"

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