13 Freaky Halloween Movies for Families

The Little Vampire

little vampire movie poster

Rated: PG Year: 2000 Cast: Jonathan Lipnicki, Anna Popplewell, Rollo Weeks

Tormented souls can be sweet, or at least they are to Tony, a lonely American boy who dreams of vampires. In Scotland he finds a soulful family of bloodsuckers who harbor a secret craving: to become human. Magic amulets, comets, vampire hunters, and a herd of flying vampire cows add clever and startling mischief to an entertaining yarn.

What Parents Like: Meeting the neighbors can be fun. Even vampire moms worry about their kids, and tenderly wipe off their mouths after a messy meal.

What Kids Like: Thrilling flying sequences show the unathletic Tony soaring in the night sky with his new nocturnal best friend, Rudolph.

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